2014 Chican@ Latin@ Leadership Retreat Information

We understand that navigating the university is a difficult process, but your community is here to help! The Chican@/Latin@ Leadership Retreat explores and discusses political, cultural, social and academic issues to assist all students, especially first years and transfers in their transition to UC Davis. The theme “In Ixtli in yollotl #CaraYCorazon”,  translates to “face and heart;” and is a philosophy that comes from the ancient teachings of Nahuatl speaking people. The theme’s purpose is to empower participants and with the help of the community, we want to give participants the resources to help them find their “face and heart”. Ultimately providing them with the resources to succeed while they are at the university, when they leave, and for them to leave a path to success for those to come! 

When: Friday, October 10 – Sunday, October 12

Where: Camp Cazadero (22157 King Ridge Road, Cazadero, CA 95421)

Application Due Dates:

Contact Information:
For any questions or more information, contact Sabrina Sanchez at