Monica de la TorreName:
Monica De La Torre

What year did you graduate and what was your major/minor?
2005 Chicana/o Studies and Psychology Double Major

What’s your current occupation?
PhD Candidate in the Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies Department at the University of Washington.

How does your Chicana/o Studies knowledge intertwine with your current field of work or projects you have worked on?
My Chicana/o Studies degree and the connections I made while at UC Davis are directly related to the research I am currently completing as a graduate student. My research involved documenting the history of Chicana/o community radio broadcasting and digital media practices. I am specifically interested in the role Chicanas played in using radio as a feminist tool.

What was your favorite part about the Chicana/o Studies Department or being a Chicana/o Studies major at UC Davis?
As a first generation college student, it was important for me to find community at UC Davis and I found it in Chicana/o Studies. My classmates and professors knew the challenges I would face as a Chicana who had moved away from home to pursue higher education. I’m thankful that both the major and the department helped me feel closer to home.

Why should students take Chicana/o Studies courses?
Besides the classes being interesting, you will be able to directly connect to the material and apply it to your everyday life.

Can students contact you as a resource/mentor? Yes.

Contact information: