Did you know?
Open to the public, UC Davis Open Campus provides access to UC Davis courses without being formally admitted to the university. UC Davis Open Campus can help you:
-Complete prerequisites before entering a degree program
-Explore new subjects if you’re considering returning to school
-Finish your degree (contact your college advisor to confirm your options)
-Improve your GPA for readmission to UC Davis
-Obtain Academic Credit that you can transfer to a college or university
-Get a head start in college-this is a great option for motivated high school students
-Expand your horizons-take a university class for personal enrichment
Click on the ‘Open Campus’ link below for more information. If you’re interested in exploring this option and would like to enroll in a course in the Chicana/o Studies Department feel free to email us at chidept@ucdavis.edu. We’ll make sure to save a seat for you in the class! 🙂

Open Campus