Elyna Montoya Cepedes

What year did you graduate and what was your major/minor?
       2003, Chicana/o Studies and Community and Regional Development

What’s your current occupation?
       High School Counselor and Leadership Teacher

How does your Chicana/o Studies knowledge intertwine with your current field of work or projects you have worked on?
Chicana/o Studies supported my development as an educator in an urban school. I draw upon  the critical theories and pedagogies from my Chicana/o studies courses in my daily work as a teacher and counselor. I am grateful for the engaging lectures, challenging projects, and the mentoring and support provided by professors and Griselda Castro (former Chicana/o Studies Student Affairs Officer).

 What was your favorite part about the Chicana/o Studies Department or being a Chicana/o Studies major at UC Davis?
        My favorite part about the Chicana/o Studies Department was serving as the Peer Advisor for the Department. My experience as the Peer Advisor helped me realize my goal of becoming a high school counselor and supporting students of color actualize their dreams.

What are some words of advice for current students?
Take advantage of every opportunity that the Chicana/o Studies Department has to offer as well as the broader UC Davis Campus. Always find a way to use that opportunity and experience to give back.

Can students contact you as a resource/mentor?
Yes students may contact me as a mentor.

Contact information:
         Elyna Cespedes, Master of Science Counseling, PPS Credential
Sacramento New Technology High School
Counselor and Leadership Teacher
(916) 433-2839 (school)