This past July 2013 Professor Sergio de la Mora was invited to present at the lecture series “Miradas Sobre el Cine Mexicano” at the Academia Mexicana de Historiadores (Mexican Academy of Historians) in Mexico City. The ambitious lecture series was organized by Doctor Aurelio de los Reyes, the eminent historian of Mexican cinema, notably the silent period. The lecture series and planned edited anthology, tentatively set to be published by the Universidad Autónoma de México, included over 30 lectures spanning nearly all aspects of Mexican film history and presented by leading authorities in the field.

Professor de la Mora presented a survey of the representations of Mexican masculinities in Mexican film focusing on queer (female) masculinity in Matilde Landeta’s La negra Angustias (1949) and a queer reading of actor Arturo de Córdova in the Mexican film noir El hombre sin rostro (1950).